Wisdom teeth removal to keep your smile healthy.

Our dental office in St. Augustine provides wisdom teeth removals to help you keep your teeth, mouth and smile healthy. The wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to come in and almost never have enough space to erupt properly in your mouth. When there is not enough space for these teeth, they can become impacted (unable to fully break through the gum tissues and jawbone) or grow in at an incorrect angle. This can cause a number of problems, including:

  • Damage to neighboring teeth
  • Infection and inflammation
  • Damage to the jawbone
  • The formation of cysts
  • Tooth decay
  • Changes in the bite and in tooth alignment, including misaligned and crowded teeth

Our St. Augustine dentist can extract your wisdom teeth to help you avoid these complications and keep your mouth and smile healthy.

When you visit our office, we will carefully examine your mouth, including the positions of your teeth and wisdom teeth. This examination may include X-rays. We will then determine if wisdom teeth removal is the best option for you, and if so, create a treatment plan to make your procedure as effective and comfortable as possible. We will make sure that you are fully informed about your treatment, and will provide you with post-op instructions to help you heal properly after your wisdom teeth are removed.

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