For superior quality, maximum durability and optimal beauty, metal-free fillings have no competition.

Palm Coast area dentist, Dr. Freeman at his Saint Augustine, Florida, dental practice, Elite Smiles, includes materials that trump the former standard of metal fillings. Why are non-metal fillings advantageous for your restoration work?

Non-metal fillings, also called composite resins, offer:

  • Unmatched beauty — composite resin materials can be blended to be indistinguishable from your normal tooth color.
  • A reduced chance of decay — composite materials maximize the structural integrity of your teeth, allowing us to retain as much natural tooth structure as possible.
  • No expanding or contracting — sudden hot and cold temperatures inside your mouth cause metal fillings to change shape, developing cracks in your enamel over time.

Palm Coast area dentist Dr. Freeman believes the conservative approach is in your best interest. We invite you to talk to one of our team members about improving your smile’s function and appearance, with this advanced option.

Have you grown tired of unattractive metal in your smile? Dr. Freeman, cosmetic dentist for Jacksonville area, can replace old metal fillings with beautifully natural composite fillings, or strong inlays when replacing a larger or failing metal filling. Modern techniques and materials offer you more immediate and long-term advantages.

Mercury and amalgam fillings were commonly applied as a paste that expanded to fit the space left after a cavity was removed. Mercury causes stress fractures that gradually damage your teeth, requiring further restoration. Also, as mercury degrades it has the potential to release harmful chemicals into your body.

To make sure you avoid these unfortunate consequences, Dr. Freeman shuns mercury and metal fillings in favor of metal-free materials. Composite fillings are inert and thus won’t react with anything you eat or drink. Since bonded, tooth-colored restorations do not expand or contract; they significantly decrease the likelihood of future decay caused by bacteria entering through small cracks and fissures.

If you have metal fillings, we encourage you to trade up. You’ll be amazed at the quality, strength, and beauty of non-metal materials. Visit Palm Coast area dentist, Dr. Steven R. Freeman for beautiful, composite restorations that get rid of metal fillings.