Do you experience occasional or frequent headaches that begin near your ears and travel across your forehead or down into your neck? Do you wake from sleep with a sore, aching jaw?

If these symptoms sound familiar, you may be suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder, known as TMJ to Saint Augustine, Florida, dental patients. Producing problems with varying degrees of severity, TMJ disorders are conditions where the joints that connect your jaw bone become inflamed and misaligned. Other symptoms include ear pain, muscle spasms and popping or clicking noises when you chew.

In addition to Dr. Freeman’s coursework in cosmetic dentistry, his specialized training in bite alignment diagnosis helps to make him especially adept at resolving disorders for the TMJ in Saint Augustine, Florida. We can help you find immediate relief with the use of custom-created orthotic appliances or a TENS unit, which instantly relaxes the muscles of the jaw, neck, and face.

Looking for a dentist in Saint Augustine, Florida, who can eliminate your TMJ issues once and for all? Don’t allow the pain to inconvenience you any longer. Dr. Freeman and the Elite Smiles team are ready to help with a variety of advanced dental services.

St. Augustine TMJ dentists such as Dr. Freeman are required by state law to complete 15 hours of continuing education per year, but he actually completes over 200 hours. Many of those courses teach the proper diagnosis and ideal treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder.

“Since they’ve invested so much time trying to figure out what’s wrong, it gives me great joy to see patients who have persevered through debilitating migraines their entire life, and finally experience a dramatic reduction in pain.” -Dr. Steven Freeman

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