May 22, 2013 – After taking medication for dry mouth, Bill Merrill from Berlin, Pennsylvania, was forced to have all of his teeth removed over the course of two years. Faced with the reality of wearing dentures, he quickly found the discomfort that frequently accompanies wearing dental plates.

One of the biggest complaints faced by denture wearers is the flopping and floating around of dentures in their mouth. The adhesive required to hold a denture in place is not always sufficient and can make talking, chewing, and swallowing difficult.

The solution that many dentists now use, including the St. Augustine cosmetic dentist Dr. Freeman, is dental implants. Dental implants, for patients who are good candidates, involve placing a small titanium pin into the jawbone. For patients missing one or multiple teeth, this solution allows the implant or the dentures to pop into place. When the dentures are secured to the jaw, they are less likely to come loose and require the use of adhesive that can be uncomfortable and ineffective.

One benefit that many patients see is the fast nature of the procedure and the minimal pain involved with getting an implant. Typically, procedures are finished in one day and the pain may last only overnight.

Prior to dental implants, Jacksonville dentists were forced to use partial plates or a removable bridge that was fixed into place. Now, the dental implant locks the denture into place, making it easier to eat and speak without the risk of the denture flopping around in the mouth.

While a large number of people have success with dental implants, there are some people who may not make good candidates. To learn if you are a good candidate for a St. Augustine dental implant, contact a cosmetic dentist for a consultation.