Protecting your teeth will keep you out of your dental office!

Tooth Sensitivity has many causes.  The foods you eat and how hard you brush can effect it. To learn more about how to fix sensitivity because of food or brushing, read our article, Tooth Sensitivity: How Your World Golf Village Dentist Can Help,  But the leading cause of prolonged tooth sensitivity in St Augustine is teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding is a destructive process and can be a sign of a bigger problem.  At night a person can create as much as 900 pounds per square inch of pressure on their teeth and the surrounding support for the tooth.  This type of pressure can lead to sensitivity, receding gums, tooth loss and even heart disease.  It can also indicate that you may suffer from a sleeping problem know as obstructive sleep apnea.

Tooth grinding does not affect just our teeth and our gums, but our muscles as well.  Overactive muscles can lead to headaches, neck aches and backaches.  If you can relax the muscles, most of these aches will disappear.  The first step is to get a night guard from your dentist.

Night Guards are clear plastic trays that help protect your teeth, gums, same day dental crowns and dental fillings.  Most people clench and grind at night, so it is typically worn during sleep.  If you do have obstructive sleep apnea, then a different guard will be recommended.  One that will not only protect your teeth, but will also keep your airway open.  We refer to this as a night time appliance.

You should find that your night guard or night time appliance will greatly reduce your aches, but you may notice, while better, that migraines or other aches still remain.  At that point a day time appliance would be recommended in conjunction with your night time appliance.   This way you can keep your muscles relaxed 24 hours a day.  Relaxed muscles don’t ache!

Don’t let your teeth grinding go untreated.  A night time appliance or night guard can protect your teeth and gums as well as reducing tooth sensitivity.  You can learn more about the connection in our blog series, Tooth Sensitivity: Sleep, Grinding and Your World Golf Village Dentist.  For a consultation with our dentist in Saint Augustine, Florida, call Elite Smiles today at (904) 940-3933.