February 26, 2014 – You have heard it before, “there’s an app for that”, and now there is for brushing your teeth. Didn’t think you needed one did you? Brushing your teeth before seeing your World Golf Village dentist seems easy. Toothpaste meets bristles and bristles meet teeth, repeat for two minutes. Then rinse.

Turns out many in World Golf Village aren’t doing it properly, for instance, not doing for the aforementioned 2 minutes. Well Oral-B, a dental company, has created a toothbrush that communicates with your phone while you brush. In turn your phone tells your toothbrush what you are doing and gives some needed feedback.

The SmartSeries electric toothbrush talks to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth and app that allows you to follow on screen instructions. Brush too hard? The phone signals you with an alert to prevent possible gum problems. The app also acts as a watch to time because the average person in World Golf Village only brushes for 27 seconds, not 2 minutes.

The brush has 6 cleaning modes (Daily, Deep, Whitening, Gum Care, Sensitive and Tongue), pressure indicator and travel features to keep you in your healthy routine, even when you are not at home.

After you’ve rinsed and spit, the phone displays a readout of how you did, complete with tips to improve your next pearly white cleaning. The app can even be personalized with the help of your World Golf Village dentist who can advise you to pay more attention to particular areas of your mouth. Oral B’s Bluetooth 4.0 technology will be available in different toothbrushes, starting with its Oral B SmartSeries 7000 Which goes on sale later this year for about $220.