June 10, 2013 – Bruxism is a condition characterized by persons grinding or clenching their teeth. When this happens, patients are typically asleep, and therefore unaware of what they are doing.. When a patient awakens to a sore jaw or a migraine headache, and they are not sure why, bruxism may be to blame.

According to Dental Health Magazine, bruxism is more dangerous than many people realize. People who do not treat bruxism can destroy their gum tissues and their jawbones. People who suffer from chronic bruxism have a greatly elevated risk of developing disorders such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

In a recent article, Dental Health Magazine stressed the importance of having a checkup done by a dentist if you believe you may be at risk of bruxism. Because it is nearly impossible to determine on your own whether you grind your teeth in your sleep, having a professional checkup performed can help you determine if you have badly worn teeth, cracked or fractured enamel, or any other signs of bruxism.

If a dentist determines that you suffer from bruxism, he will help you find the right treatment plan for your condition. Treatment plans depend on the extent of damage done and the cause of your bruxism.

Treatments for bruxism include dental veneers or dental crowns to repair worn teeth, special guards worn at night to prevent further damage, and more.

Bruxism is a common symptom of stress. If you are stressed at during the day, it is common for bruxism to begin at night while you sleep.

If you are at risk for bruxism or know that you suffer from bruxism, it is important to talk to a St. Augustine jaw pain dentist to determine the cause and get fast appropriate treatment to prevent further damage.