Brighter, whiter teeth are a fantastic concept, but what is the quickest, safest, and easiest way to achieve and maintain a dazzling, white smile? Working with Dr. Freeman, dentist and Saint Augustine, Florida, teeth whitening expert, can deliver a perfect whitening solution to correct your discoloration.

Elite Smiles is happy to offer your “Elite Whitening for Life” program. Regular patients of our office receive teeth whitening in addition to regular exams and x-rays. On the anniversary of their first St. Augustine teeth whitening treatment, we are proud to provide refill gels for their customized trays, free of charge!

An in-office visit with Dr. Steven R. Freeman is the first step. We use ZOOM!® Advanced Power, the third and latest ZOOM!® whitening technology. Designed to minimize tooth sensitivity during the whitening process, it contains the strongest, safest bleaching concentration available. In just a one-hour procedure you can expect to see your teeth become 5 to 8 shades brighter!

The second step involves the creation of customized bleaching trays that fit your mouth precisely, along with a powerful whitening gel that allows you to maintain the new brilliance of your teeth on a regular basis with at-home touch-up treatments. You still benefit by working with our dentist in St. Augustine, because of the accuracy of the customized trays and the professional guidance of a cosmetic dentist.

The third and final step is a simple incentive to ensure that your teeth stay clean and healthy. When you visit our office every six months for a cleaning, we’ll send you home with a free refill of teeth whitening gel.

It’s a simple, preventive dental strategy intended to keep your mouth healthy and your smile glowing, for life. Work with Dr. Freeman, Saint Augustine, Florida, teeth whitening dentist. He loves to restore glowing smiles. Induce more smiles, contact us today!