January 9, 2014 – Most dentures rock, slide and move around. It is not just annoying, but can be painful as well. Often, pastes will be used to help keep the denture in place. But often this is still not enough to keep the dentures from coming loose. What’s even worse is that the paste itself may be harmful to you.

Many denture adhesives use zinc. Zinc is naturally occurring and is found primarily in protein that we consume; beef, chicken, fish, eggs, etc. But like anything in life, moderation is the key. Too much zinc can pose potential health concerns. This was demonstrated in the March 2011 issue of General Dentistry, the clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), showed that denture wearers need to be more judicious with their use of adhesives. Continuous high-level exposure to zinc can lead to neurological disorders.

It is important to only use a minimal amount of adhesive. Most instructions state a thin film, or small beads. So it is important to consult the instructions. This will minimize the potential risks of over usage. A typical tube should last between 8-12 weeks. Obviously actual usage will vary wildly depending on the number of times an application is made and the degree to which the denture needs adhesive.

If your denture needs a lot of adhesive, chances are the denture no longer fits properly. Consulting your local St. Augustine dentist in World Golf Village is the best advice. Dentist, Dr. Steven Freeman of Elite Smiles in St. Augustine FL, says “the typical denture must be replaced about every 8 years”. He further states that “we have a wonderful new type of denture that is supported by implants, that has not only an amazing fit, but we are actually able to eliminate the “denture look” due to advanced cosmetics and training. It can make you look decades younger”. To make the fit even better, Dr. Freeman recommends dental implants, artificial tooth roots, to help anchor and support the denture.

While there are currently no warnings from the FDA stating that adhesives are dangerous, instructions should be followed closely with minimal use. Furthermore, if you find that your denture is too loose it is important to see a World Golf Village dentist to check the fit and make sure your tissues are healthy, or to see if you a candidate for dental implants.