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World Golf Village Dentist Corrects Poor Fitting Dentures

Steven Freeman
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Dr. Steven Freeman Focuses on Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry at Elite Smiles-St. Augustine

http://www.elitesmilesdentistry.com/ Are your dentures not fitting correctly and causing you pain? If your dentures are sliding around in your mouth, it may be difficult and even painful for you to eat. Find out how denture pain can be corrected with properly fitting dentures here in this video.

If your dentures are rubbing on your gums, causing you to eat softer foods or not eat as much, and are a source of pain, you should see a St. Augustine dentist immediately. A dentist can fix your ill-fitting dentures with different techniques such as dental implants. When a dental implant is placed in your mouth, it can give your dentures stability and strength—ultimately fixing your denture discomfort.

To find out more about dental implants and getting rid of your denture pain, contact Elite Smiles Dentistry to have a skilled Northeast Florida dentist examine the fit of your dentures today at 904.940.3933 or online at http://www.elitesmilesdentistry.com/contact.cfm.