Most people think of their teeth when they consider their oral health, but gum tissue is a vital part that must also be cleaned and cared for. At [practice name], we understand the importance of healthy gum tissue and make gum assessment and treatment part of our regular dental exams. We also understand the sensitivity of gum tissue, which is why we are proud to offer advanced laser therapy with LANAP®. Learn more about our safe and effective laser therapy for gum treatment in Saint Augustine, Florida, by calling 904.201.4304 and scheduling an appointment with our dentist, Drs. Steven Freeman and Luis Zambrano.

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Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue surrounding teeth. Even with careful brushing every day, some bacteria that collects below the gum line can create inflammation in the gums that can only be cleared away by an experienced dentist. Because toothbrushes are not always enough to clear away the bacteria, gum disease is a common ailment that affects an estimated 50 percent of Americans. However, only a few know they have gum disease, and even fewer get treatment. Traditional treatment for gum disease involved cutting into the gum tissue or extracting teeth to reach the bacteria, but new advancements in laser dentistry have eliminated the need for invasive incisions.

LANAP laser therapy is a leading-edge treatment option for gum disease. LANAP uses a dental laser with the specific wavelength PerioLase® MVP-7™ to clear out even the deepest bacteria from beneath your gum line while causing no harm or stress to your healthy gum tissue. Stay in control of your oral health by having your gum tissue regularly examined by our dentist.
Benefits of LANAP laser therapy include:

  • Faster healing time — LANAP is more precise and less invasive, so your gum tissue can heal more quickly and optimally.
  • More comfortable — Because of LANAP’s precision, procedures are usually smoother and more pleasant.
  • Minimal recovery time — The ease and efficiency of LANAP procedures can allow patients to return to their daily routine immediately afterwards.
  • Little to no gum recession — LANAP laser therapy does not require cutting gum tissue, so there is less chance of your healthy gum tissue receding.
  • Less inflammation and bleeding — The precise laser wavelength can target just the harmful bacteria without hurting your healthy gum tissue.
  • No need for extractions — Your natural teeth can remain in your mouth so that you can keep your beautiful smile!
  • Safe for patients with health concerns — LANAP can be used safely on patients with health concerns such as diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, or medications such as Plavix and aspirin. Talk to our dentist to discuss any health concerns you may have.

To learn more about the advantages of LANAP laser therapy, please give us a call at 904.201.4304 today.