Infinite Whitening means you will always have WHITE TEETH!

To get INFINITE WHITENING simply come in for an exam, any necessary x-rays and cleaning and get-FREE custom fit whitening trays and EXTRA STRENGTH whitening gel to get that beautiful smile!!

Every time you return for your cleanings and exam, we will provide you with more EXTRA STRENGTH whitening gel!*

You will get INFINITE WHITENING just by being a guest of our office, it’s that easy!

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Keep reading to learn about other ways to whiten your teeth!

Zoom! Tooth Whitening: A newer way to whiten teeth! You get everything you did with the take home teeth whitening, but the big change is that we get your teeth whiter in about an hour, not 5 days.  We simply use the Zoom! tooth whitening light to speed the process along.  If your big event is tomorrow, this tooth whitening option is the best.  Get white teeth today and you will also be able to keep them white all year long with the take home whitening.

Dental Veneers: Dental veneers are thin porcelain jackets that cover the teeth.  With dental veneers you never have to worry about whitening again.  You can select whatever shade you want, and they will stay that white.  Even better if your teeth are crooked or chipped veneers can fix that too! Follow the link to learn more about cosmetic dentistry in World Golf Village.

Whiter Dentures: Are your dentures looking yellow? It may be time to upgrade your smile with a non-surgical facelift denture.  Your teeth will be white and the denture itself can make you look DECADES YOUNGER.  Simply visit our section on our amazing new dentures.

Remember consultations are always FREE for teeth whitening or for any other dental treatment we offer at Elite Smiles.  Simply click the CONTACT button or call our office at 904.201.4304 to reserve your time today.

*Restrictions do apply.  See our office for details.  All necessary dental treatment that must be completed prior to whitening.