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Save Time and Avoid Discomfort with Crown in an Hour in St. Augustine!

In the past, people needing dental crowns spent hours at their World Golf Village dental office and required multiple dentist visits just to get the treatment they needed for a healthy mouth. Dental crowns used to require messy tooth impressions, temporary crowns, and repeated trips to the dentist office. Now, Elite Smiles brings innovative dental technology to St Augustine with our single visit Crown in an Hour!


Getting the St Augustine Dental Crown You Need Has Never Been Easier!

Can you believe being able to restore your smile with a natural looking crown in only one visit to the dentist? With a same day Crown in an Hour, you can!

There are many advantages to this new procedure:

  • Save Time. Now, you do not have to be burdened by going to the dentist in World Golf Village for a second visit. In a single visit, Crown in an Hour takes only one trip to complete the process.
  • Avoid Discomfort.  Our same day Crown in an Hour does not require that you wear a temporary crown. This means you can walk away from your dentist appointment feeling comfortable and confident.
  • No Shiny Metal Required.  A CEREC Crown in an Hour uses metal-free materials to complete. Instead, you get a strong yet discreet, porcelain dental crown with no ugly black line!


Elite Smiles is one of the few St Augustine dentists able to provide this revolutionary procedure. Using a computer-aided design to create your crown while you wait, your appointment for a new crown goes quickly and seamlessly. Once your crown is made, Dr. Freeman, the World Golf Village Crown in an Hour dentist, bonds the tooth-colored crown in place.

Dental work does not have to be uncomfortable. Contact Elite Smiles to schedule an appointment with Dr. Freeman by calling 904-201-4304 today, and find out how you can get your St Augustine same day dental Crown in an Hour!


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