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Elite Smiles

We Help People Live More Confidently and Comfortably Every Day Through Cosmetic Dentistry in St Augustine

If you are tired of living with headaches, embarrassment and discomfort because of a dental issue, World Golf Village dentist Dr. Freeman can help. Learn more about the procedures he performs and how he may be able to give you a healthier, happier smile.



Elite Smiles
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1899 Implant and Crown$1899 Implant and Crown

Having gaps in your teeth is not only embarrassing, but it can also make life a little bit more difficult. Fill in those gaps and chew, talk or eat more comfortably with dental implants. Your St. Augustine cosmetic dentist, Dr. Steven Freeman, is ready to help you get a full and beautiful smile that feels natural with this revolutionary technology.

Infinite WhiteningInfinite Whitening


Having crooked teeth can be embarrassing, but for many adults, the idea of having obvious adult braces in World Golf Village can be even worse. Now, with treatments such as Invisalign and six-month discreet adult braces, St. Augustine cosmetic dentist Dr. Freeman can help you get the straighter teeth you want—without making it obvious you are straightening your teeth.

General DentistryGeneral Dentistry

We know your time is valuable, and you have places to be.  There is too much fun to be had in St. Augustine to sit in the dentist office.  By scheduling only one guest at a time we are able to keep to our schedule.  We use the latest technology like our Crown In An Hour to insure you only have to come in one time for a dental crown appointment.  No temporaries, no messy impressions, just the one trip to the dentist, then its back out into the sunshine of St. Augustine.

Cosmetic DentistryCosmetic Dentistry

Smiling is a natural reaction to happy, fun, and positive situations. When you find yourself unable to smile as brightly as you would like, you may be left to feel self-conscious and insecure. Get the help you deserve with a smile makeover in St. Augustine by Dr. Freeman. Don’t be afraid to smile brightly again!

Crown in an HourCrown in an Hour

Remember when getting a crown in Jacksonville meant long hours in the dentist chair, uncomfortable temporary crowns, and hours upon hours spent going to and from the dentist? Now, with our same day Crown in an Hour, you are spared all of the hassle and discomfort that used to be so burdensome. With help from Dr. Freeman, your dentist in St. Augustine, you can get a same day Crown in an Hour!

Deep Dental Cleaning

Live Denture FreeLive Denture Free

Sleep Apnea and SnoringSleep Apnea and Snoring

Sleep is a precious thing in today’s fast paced world. When something, such as snoring, causes you to lose your valuable ZZZ’s, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to help. If the cause of your snoring is sleep apnea, St. Augustine dentist Dr. Freeman may be able to help.

Tooth Grinding and Sensitivity