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The Three Steps of Getting Dental Implants in St. Augustine

Dental implants in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, or Ponte Vedra Beach are one of the most revolutionary pieces of technology people use to make their smiles look and feel their best. Occasionally, fear of the process keeps people from getting the implants they need to feel their best. However, once patients know more about how easy the process actually is, their worries and questions are often put to rest.

When you get dental implants, there is a minor oral surgery involved. This surgery is painless and happens in three easy steps. The following are each of the steps done for each tooth as your St Augustine cosmetic dentist works to complete your smile

  • Place the Implant in the Bone. The first part to getting dental implants is to create a base where the crown—your new tooth—will sit. During this step, your mouth will be numb the entire time. A quiet, small drill will go into the bone in your mouth. Next, the titanium root will be put in place and your gums will be stitched back up. Over the course of a few months, the bone will attach to the implant or root to anchor your implant and keep it from moving around, as dentures would.
  • Take Impressions for Your New Crown. Once the base is in place, it is time to add a crown to fill in the missing space. This takes some adjustment and requires impressions to be taken of the tooth. Only a small number of dentists—including the St. Augustine cosmetic dental office Elite Smiles—is able to complete this procedure in one day. Others may require several months before the implant or crown is complete.
  • Attach the Crown to the Implant. Finally, the crown will be attached to the implant. This step does not involve any incisions or surgery. Once completed, your smile will be complete.

Getting dental implants in St. Augustine is not difficult and many people are surprised by how fast and painless the process actually is. With the innovative technology used at Elite Smiles, you will be surprised with how painless the entire process can be. To find out more about dental implants for you, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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