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How Our St Augustine Same Day Dental Crown in an Hour Can Give You Relief From a Chipped Tooth Fast

Chipping a tooth in St Augustine used to be a scary experience. Not only were you left in pain after your tooth broke, but you knew that you would need multiple trips to the dentist to repair the chipped tooth with a crown. Worse yet, these crowns required a metal covering, leaving you embarrassed and ashamed of your smile.

Fortunately, dental technology has advanced since then. Now a select group of cosmetic dentists across the nation are able to perform a procedure called Crown in an Hour.

A Same Day Dental Crown in an Hour in St Augstine gives people with chipped tooth a crown quickly and easily. As the name says, people with a chipped tooth who use the Crown in an Hour technology are able to cover their chipped tooth quickly and with minimal discomfort. Instead of being required to make multiple trips to a Jacksonville dentist to be fitted, get a temporary crown, then return later to get the special made crown glued to your tooth, the entire process is condensed and completed in around 60 minutes.

The following are the steps taken to give you a Crown in an Hour:

  • Numb the area. First the area around your chipped tooth is numbed, to help you avoid experiencing pain or discomfort.
  • Shape the tooth. Once numb, your Jacksonville dentist will shape your tooth for the crown.
  • Create a computer-aided design. When the shape of the tooth is complete, a computer-aided design image is taken to create the crown you need while you wait.
  • Construct the tooth. Using computer-aided manufacturing, a crown is shaped exactly how the dentist designed it for your tooth.
  • Cover the chipped tooth with a crown. In only about 15 minutes, your same day St Augustine Crown in an Hour dentist returns to place the new crown on top of your chipped tooth.


The result is a same day dental crown in about 60 minutes. If you have a chipped tooth and want to get fast, healthy relief, contact Elite Smiles Dentistry to learn more about the Crown in an Hour procedure and whether it is right for you.

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