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What You Must Know Before Whitening Your Teeth With a Cosmetic Dentist in St. Augustine

You want a brilliant, white smile. At Elite Smiles Dentistry in St Augustine, FL, it is easier than ever to get and maintain the luster and brightness of a beautiful smile, through our Elite Whitening For Life program.

For new patients of St Augustine DDS, Dr. Freeman, welcome! If you successfully undergo a new patient cleaning, a full set of x-rays, and any fillings or any required periodontal treatment, we will provide the following, free of charge:

  • Custom trays for take-home whitening
  • Whitening gels for your first batch of take-home treatment


When you come in for regular cleanings on a 6-month basis, we are happy to supply complimentary refills for your whitening gels, so you can continue your whitening. Consistent use of either take-home methods or Zoom! teeth whitening can help you enjoy a continuously bright smile.

There are a few restrictions to our Elite Whitening For Life program. Women that are pregnant should not undergo teeth whitening. Also, you need to take part in a new patient cleaning exam as well as a full set of x-rays, in addition to any preventative dental work services, including fillings, fixing leaky fillings, or periodontal treatment.

It is unusual to find a deal like this from a DDS in St Augustine, FL! Make the most of it. Your dazzling smile can change your life.

Steven Freeman
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