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Chipped, Crooked and Discolored: How Veneers in St. Augustine Can Transform Your Smile

Your teeth go through a lot during your lifetime. The sports you play can leave your teeth chipped, the coffee and wine you consume can leave your teeth discolored, and your teeth may not have grown in completely straight, leaving them crooked or overcrowded. If your smile looks a bit tired and if you are not completely confident showing it off to the world, you may be ready to try a cosmetic dentistry procedure in St. Augustine.

Veneers in St. Augustine are a popular solution to correct broken, yellowed, or crooked teeth. Here’s how they can help:

  • Veneers re-create the natural shape of your tooth. If you have a slightly chipped tooth, you may want to cover up the part that is missing. Veneers are small porcelain jackets that fit over your tooth. They are designed and shaped to look natural, covering any areas that may be chipped or uneven.
  • Veneers straighten your teeth. When you get veneers, your St. Augustine cosmetic dentist will prepare your veneers to straighten out your teeth. This means that if you have any teeth that stick too far out or are leaning up against each other, your new veneers would be created to help straighten out your smile.
  • Veneers color the porcelain to give you a naturally white smile. In the past, veneers were made using metal, which made them difficult to color naturally. Now, technology has advanced so that when you have veneers, the color of your teeth is whiter and brighter, but still natural looking. This makes your smile look as healthy as possible without making it obvious that you had cosmetic work done on your teeth.

If you are ready to create a new smile and regain the confidence you want, contact Dr. Freeman, a St. Augustine cosmetic dentist, to schedule your consultation. With our help, you can get the best possible smile to show off your pearly white teeth.

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