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Oral Appliances That Help You Breathe Better and Eliminate St. Augustine Snoring

Does snoring disrupt the peace in your home each night? For many people, snoring is a serious condition. It impacts your ability to get a good night of rest. It impacts your spouse’s ability to sleep well at night. And over time, your body may pay the price for your nightly breathing difficulty.

Snoring is nothing to joke about. Serious sleep disorders such as sleep apnea in St. Augustine may be to blame. Sleep apnea is caused by a partial blockage of your airway. The snoring is the sound of you trying to suck down air. In many cases, the obstruction becomes so bad that your sleep becomes disrupted and you wake up gasping.

If this sounds like you, there are options that can help. When you go to a sleep apnea dentist in St. Augustine, you may be equipped with one of the following oral appliances.

  • CPAP Machine. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It works by increasing the air pressure in your airway, so that it does not collapse and cause an obstruction while you sleep. This machine will be calibrated to your specific needs. Some machines must cover your nose and mouth. Others cover just your mouth, and sometimes just wearing nose prongs can help. The type of machine you use depends on the severity of your sleep apnea condition.
  • Jaw Support. Many sleep apnea dentists in Florida use a device that gently holds your jaw in the correct position. This device is comfortable to wear and is not as loud or cumbersome as a CPAP machine. It works by holding your tongue and muscles in place. As a result, you maintain proper airflow in your airways so that you can breathe normally as you sleep.


Losing sleep at night can be harmful to your health and may put a strain on your partner’s ability to sleep well too. If you are concerned that you have sleep apnea in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, contact Elite Smiles Dentistry today. Call 904-201-4304 today to schedule your sleep study to find out more about how a St. Augustine snoring dentist may help you sleep better.

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