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What is Dental Bonding? A Palm Coast Dentist Answers

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Some mistakenly assume that the only way to achieve a healthy looking smile is through highly expensive dental work requiring multiple appointments. Your dentist for Palm Coast assures you that’s not always the case. Take for example the amazing option of cosmetic bonding that we provide at Elite Smiles Dentistry. What should you know about this modern, effective dental procedure?

1. What is Bonding?—A composite, tooth colored resin is placed on the tooth and then shaped. The material is hardened using a high-intensity light, and the final coat is polished, creating a natural appearance that matches the other teeth.

2. Is Bonding Only for Adults?—Bonding technology is available to patients of all ages, including children, teens and adults.

3. What Problems Can Bonding Resolve?—Bonding can be used for a variety of enhancements including repairing chips, straightening the appearance of crooked teeth, and closing gaps between teeth. It can also be used for whitening teeth that don’t respond adequately to actual teeth whitening procedures.

4. Is the Procedure Expensive and Time Consuming?—Bonding is an economical option, especially in comparison to other dental procedures. The entire bonding process can be completed quickly, in as little as one visit to Dr. Freeman

Many are surprised at how much this economical, non-invasive option has transformed their smile so quickly and dramatically. Dr. Freeman, your dentist for Palm Coast, can help you achieve a captivating smile with modern cosmetic options like bonding. Make an appointment today and start smiling!

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