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What goes into a getting a porcelain dental veneer in St Augustine?

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What goes into getting a porcelain dental veneer in St Augustine?

There is something that bothers you about your smile and you've done your research on our St Augustine dental website to know that you want a porcelain dental veneer.  So, what Exactly goes into getting a veneer?

The procedure is fairly straight forward.  As you know a porcelain dental veneer is a, metal free,  tooth shaped jacket that slips over the top of your tooth.  In most cases we do NOT need to remove any tooth structure.  So there would be no "buzzing down" of teeth that can lead to root canals and other forms of discomfort.  SOMETIMES we do have remove some tooth structure.  When we do, we are very prudent, and take only what we need.  The days of aggressively removing tooth structure are for the most part over.  So now that we are on the same page lets get into it.

If you are like most of our guests, we can do this without removing any tooth structure.  So to start, we will take a mold or impression of your teeth and send it to our dental lab.  At the lab a highly trained ceramist/artist  will personally craft your new veneers.  Our ceramist has been creating veneers for decades and his name is Bob.  His lab is out in California, near San Francisco.  The reason I bring up his name is because I believe it is very important that a cosmetic dentist and the ceramist are a team.  Have you ever been part of a very important team that has been together for a long time and you did not KNOW your team members name?  I should hope not!  As my team member, Bob has my cell number and I have his.  We are in constant contact to get you your most amazing smile.  Bob crafts your veneers and sends them back to us.

If you do need some tooth structure removed, then we will start again with an impression.  This time we will have Bob create a mock up of your dental  veneers out of wax.  These are made on the model of your teeth.  We are able to transfer this mock up to your mouth after we have removed any tooth structure, and we use this to help make temporary veneers.  The temporary veneers are made out of plastic and will stay on your teeth until the final veneers come back to us from Bob.

Now for the big day, seat day! This is the day you will get your porcelain dental veneers in place.  First, we will try them in place.  Then we will let you look over everything.  When you have had a chance to review your new smile,  we will get ready to put them in.  We will be using a resin/plastic to help bond the porcelain dental veneers in.  The porcelain veneer loves the resin and the tooth loves the resin.  This creates an extremely strong bond between the tooth and the dental porcelain veneer.  We clean up the cerement, make sure your bite feels ok, and that is it.  You care for them the same way you do your natural teeth.  Brushing, flossing and regular dental exams as well as dental cleanings.

That is the procedure from start to finish.  If you wanted other cosmetic options, besides dental porcelain veneers, such as Invisalign, you maybe interested in reading our article on St Augustine Cosmetic Dentistry: Upgrading Your Smile Today!  If you have other questions not answered you can check our Dental FAQs, or call (904) 940-3933 for a consultation.

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