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St Augustine Teeth whitening and dental materials

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St Augustine Teeth Whitening and Dental Materials

We have been discussing dental materials this week.  Everyone in St Augustine is loooking for whiter teeth. So we put white fillings in teeth.  Here is a link to our article about black mercury fillings. If you didn't read it, it is about why there has been a movement toward white dental fillings.  So now that we have discussed what is in a white dental filling, now its time to talk about what is in whitening.

First off, the reason we can, and need to whiten teeth, is because our teeth are pourous, meaing they have millions of tiny holes.  Every time you drink coffee, tea, wine etc, it can fill parts of these holes.  By using whitening, you are cleaning out the pores. There is no "eating away of the tooth " or anything along those lines, just clean pores.  Numberous studies have been done on St. Augustine  teeth whitening. Its effects on the tooth, good or bad, are pretty neutral but tend to lean to the "good" side.  There have been concerns that whitening in the presence of gum disease can contribute to cancer.  That is why it is always advisable to see a St Augustine dentist prior to doing any tooth whitening.  

Teeth whitening is typically made of some form of hydrogen perioxide.  At Elite Smiles in World Golf Village we whiten teeth with carbamide peroxide.  The strength varies whether you prefer overnight teeth whitening or one hour teeth whitening.   Many TV commercials will mention that their product uses the "same ingridient the dentist uses", and this is true.  But the key word there is ingridient.  They are not allowed to sell above a certain strength.  Only your World Golf Village dentist can do that.   So now you are better informed about what goes into your teeth whitening. We wrote an article about St. Augustine teeth whitening if you would like to read it, and If you would like to make an appointment call (904) 940-3933 or click the CONTACT

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