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Seven Benefits to Getting a St. Augustine Crown in an Hour

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Hate going to the dentist in St. Augustine? You’re not alone. Dentist offices often conjure up images of uncomfortable and painful procedures. For that reason, dental offices such as Elite Smiles Dentistry have taken steps to help patients have a better experience when they visit the dentist.

One way to do this is through an innovative new technology that allows people with chipped or broken teeth to get a Crown in an Hour in St. Augustine. The Crown in an Hour procedure is exactly like what it sounds like. Instead of the traditional approach to getting a crown, patients can now limit their visit to one trip to the dentist, and have a better overall experience with their dental procedure.

Here are seven benefits to getting a Crown in an Hour from a St. Augustine dentist:

  1. Convenience. Making only one trip to the dentist saves you the hassle of taking off work or having to find someone to watch your children.
  2. Time Savings. The process is fast and only requires one visit, saving you valuable time.
  3. No Impressions Taken. No messy impressions are taken or needed to create your crown, so you get to skip this step all together.
  4. No Need for Needles Twice. You only get numbed once, meaning you do not need to suffer through the numbing needle twice.
  5. No Uncomfortable Temporary Crowns. Your crown is placed on your tooth the same day so you do not have to deal with weeks of discomfort with a temporary crown.
  6. Instant Results. Walk away with fast results giving you instant gratification.
  7. Natural-Looking Tooth Replacement. Your crown is made using porcelain tooth colored material that is strong, durable, and discreet.


The Crown in an Hour procedure is one of the most advanced methods of dentistry. Available at only ten percent of dental offices across the country, your St. Augustine dentist, Dr. Freeman at Elite Smiles Dentistry, is one of the few who can provide you with this service. Call us today to schedule your appointment for a Crown in an Hour.

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