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Dental Crown in an Hour: Material

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Dental Crown in an Hour: Material

For a long time dental crowns were made out of gold.  For dental purposes, gold is a wonderful material.  It can be made very thin and lasts for a very long time. But as time goes by,problems have arisen.  The price of gold has gone to record highs, only recently retreating a bit.  Esthetics can be a concern for some.  Gold does not LOOK like a tooth.  And isn't that what we are going for?

Along comes the porcelain fused to metal crown (PFM).  This crown has a metal shell that goes over the tooth.  Porcelain is then placed on top of the metal to make it look more like a tooth.  Some problems have arisen with these crowns.  The dentist needs to get a certain thickness in order for all these materials to work.  The first layer of porcelain placed over the metal is very chalky in appearance, and if adequate space, which is not always possible to achieve, is not obtained, the crown can appear chalky in appearance, even with the final porcelain over the chalk.  Also, if its thin on top, the anatomy of the crown can look nothing like a tooth.  And then finally that black metal line.  Not really a big deal for back teeth, but on those front teeth? It can become an esthetic concern.

So the dental crown in an hour looks to fix these problems. Our crowns are made from one solid block of lithium disilicate.  A fancy word for strong porcelain.  So there is no placing of porcelain on metal.  The junction between the metal and the porcelain is the weakest part of the crown.  That's why there are so many fractures.  Since there is no metal, there can be no black line.  Also, without metal, there is no chalky porcelain.  So the tooth looks like a tooth.   The porcelain itself on a dental crown in an hour is about three times stronger than the porcelain placed on PFMs.  And did we mention it gets made in about an hour?   

To make an appointment today, click the contact button. Or you can call us at (904) 940-3933.  To learn more about this procedure please read our article about the dental crown in an hour.  

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