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Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Suggestions-Will Ferrell

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Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Suggestions-Will Ferrell



Will Ferrell

This week's blog topics will focus on the main article of the week: Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Review. I encourage you to read the article before proceeding with the blog so that there is no misunderstanding of what I am trying to accomplish here.  Since celebrities are imperfect just like us, we can look to see how we maybe able to improve our own smiles.  My suggested treatment is given unsolicited and without performing an exam of the celebrity smile.  It's just for fun!

Will Ferrell is a very funny man, and has been one of Hollywood's funny guys for more than a decade.  But this picture can create some concern for a St Augustine cosmetic dentist.  As discussed in the article, his gums are not healthy in this photo.  Gums should look like waves, having peaks in between teeth.  Since his teeth are so crowded bacteria gets trapped between his teeth.  It is nearly impossible for Will or his hygienist to keep the spaces between his teeth clean.  As the bacteria builds up, it irritates the gums causing them to become less healthy.  If he is not going to improve his smile, it would be prudent for Will to consider getting an extra cleaning or two a year in order to keep the amount of bacteria down.

But an easier way would be to simply straighten his teeth. And by now you should all be saying, Invisalign! If you don't know Invisalign uses plastic trays to help straighten and align your teeth.  They are almost invisible when you put them in, so no one will know you are wearing them.  Will will need about 8 months of Invisalign treatment.  As his teeth move the gums should become healthier.  As I pointed out in the article, his teeth also appear longer than would be ideal.  During the straightening process, the gums will reform around the teeth and make them look shorter.  The waves, or peaks will develop between his teeth as the gums become healthier.  After straightening his teeth we can see if his teeth have a nice shape to them.  If they do, then we can just do some Zoom teeth whitening and he's done.  If he does not like the shape of his actual teeth, then dental porcelain veneers can be used to achieve a perfect smile.  I have a feeling just straightening his teeth and Zoom whitening will be sufficient.  Remember we want to be as conservative as possible, if we don't need porcelain veneers, we are not going to place them

Your Jacksonville Cosmetic Dentist at World Golf Village in St Augustine will blog about Steve Buscemi's smile tomorrow.

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