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Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Suggestions-Steve Buscemi

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Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Suggestions-Steve Buscemi



Steve Buscemi

This week's blog topics will focus on the main article of the week: Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Review. I encourage you to read the article before proceeding with the blog so that there is no misunderstanding of what I am trying to accomplish here.  Since celebrities are imperfect just like us, we can look to see how we maybe able to improve our own smiles.  My suggested treatment is given unsolicited and without performing an exam of the celebrity smile.  It's just for fun!

Steve Buscemi has an eccentric smile, and he also happens to play many eccentric characters.  I pointed out in the article that it appears that Steve may have had some dental work done on his front teeth in the past.  The biggest concern I have with his smile is his left canine.  It stands out for two reasons.  The first, from the photo, it appears as though it lacks gum and bone support around it, making it appear longer than would be ideal.  Second, because of its positioning you cannot see the tooth behind it.  Consulting other photos reveals that it is indeed there.

The first step I would recommend is for Steve to have a consult with what is called a periodontist, or gums doctor.  We need to know the health of that tooth and the others around it.  Typically if one tooth has a potentially severe gums problem, then other teeth do as well.  If the tooth is savable then most likely it will require something known as a graft in order to help re-grow the gums around it.  If the tooth is in bad condition we would most likely recommend removing it, and placing what is known as a dental implant.  A dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed into the tissue, and then a dental crown or cap would be placed over the dental implant.  If we were to find all the teeth had severe gum problems, which can be common if one tooth has it, then we may recommend having them all removed.

If all of his teeth needed to be removed, we would strongly recommend dental implants to help support a denture.  At Elite Smiles we make cosmetic dentures, known as non-surgical facelift dentures.  They are very natural dentures and extremely cosmetic dentures.  The implants would help support the denture from coming out and moving around.

If the other teeth are all fine, I would recommend dental porcelain veneers.  His teeth are fairly straight, and only mildly out of position.  This could be easily fixed with dental porcelain veneers.  Once he has the veneers placed by his St Augustine cosmetic dentist, he would never have to whiten his teeth again.  He would simply need to treat them like natural teeth and they will respond as such.

So this has been our look at how to fix celebrity smiles.  As I mentioned, celebrities are just like us.  I am sure a lot of you can look at these pictures and see similarities to your smiles.  If that is the case, and would like to improve your smile you can call us at (904) 940-3933, or click the CONTACT BUTTON.

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