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Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Suggestions-Jewel

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Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Suggestions-Jewel




This week's blog topics will focus on the main article of the week: Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Review. I encourage you to read the article before proceeding with the blog so that there is no misunderstanding of what I am trying to accomplish here.  Since celebrities are imperfect just like us, we can look to see how we maybe able to improve our own smiles.  My suggested treatment is given unsolicited and without performing an exam of the celebrity smile.  It's just for fun!

As mentioned in this week's article, Jewel actually has nice looking teeth! The shape is pleasing, she has very few chips or cracks present.  And look at how white they are! Some might even think she uses too much tooth whitening.  Fixing Jewel's smile on the surface seems pretty easy.  If you have been following our blog's you already know, to straighten teeth, use Invisalign.  Invisalign is a series of clear plastic trays that help align teeth.  bases upon this photo, Jewel is a great candidate for Invisalign.

The trick is straightening her smile without removing any teeth.  There is about half of tooth's width worth of space that needs to be found.  I am not a huge fan of taking teeth out to straighten them.  Your teeth move to where they are for a reason.  Typically it has to do with how your lips and tongue.  This in turn has an effect on your airway.  We don't want to constrict your airway just to have straight teeth.  In order to straighten Jewel's smile, we will need to expand her "arch" or top jaw through Invsalign, and polish between the teeth in order to let them slip past each other during treatment.  Both of these sound scary, but they are painless and easy to do.  In doing so, we will have created enough space to keep all of her teeth and give her a healthy, functional smile while maintaining her airway.

It appears as though Jewel uses teeth whitening already, be it take home whitening or Zoom teeth whitening.  She should continue to use it as your teeth will yellow or dull overtime.  If she gets annoyed with always having to whiten her teeth, we could always place some porcelain veneers over her teeth.  We would not need to remove any tooth structure in order to do this.  However, I believe she would have a fantastic smile simply straightening her teeth with Invisalign and using Zoom teeth whitening.

Tomorrow your Jacksonville Cosmetic Dentist at World Gold Village in St Augustine will blog about how to improve Will Ferrell's smile


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