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Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Suggestions-Jay Leno

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Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Suggestions-Jay Leno



Jay Leno

This week's blog topics will focus on the main article of the week: Celebrity Smiles: A St Augustine Cosmetic Dentist Review. I encourage you to read the article before proceeding with the blog so that there is no misunderstanding of what I am trying to accomplish here.  Since celebrities are imperfect just like us, we can look to see how we maybe able to improve our own smiles.  My suggested treatment is given unsolicited and without performing an exam of the celebrity smile.  It's just for fun!

I mentioned in the article that Jay Leno has a small smile for his face, his teeth are crowded, yellow and chipped.  The best thing to help Jay Leno would be Invisalign. Invisalign is a series of clear plastic trays that helps move and straighten teeth.  While straightening Jay's teeth his smile will fill out.  When his smile fills out, his smile will get bigger, a much better fit for his face.  He would need to then fix the chips on his teeth.  Ideally Jay Leno would get porcelain veneers.  I would suggest a fairly modest white shade for Jay.  Nothing that looks too fake, as Jay has always been a humble, down to Earth guy.  A brash, super white smile would not fit this image.  We can use dental porcelain veneers to give him a natural smile that would fix the large chips, and even build in minor imperfections to the veneers to make them look as natural as possible. The chips in his teeth are most likely due to poor alignment of his teeth.  The Invisalign would correct this misalignment, and protect his teeth from further chipping and fracture.

However, I would still recommend a night guard to help protect his teeth.  Often we see patients in our office that have a bite misalignment, and larger neck, have some type of sleep breathing disorder (SBD).  The most common type of SBD is snoring, but there are deadly SBDs out there, namely obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  Seeing the bite misalignment, teeth chipping and larger neck, I would recommend Jay Leno take a sleep study to rule out the possibility of OSA.  You can learn more about obstructive sleep apnea St Augustine here.

So Jay Leno's Invisalign would straighten his teeth, making his smile wider and improve the alignment of his teeth.  Then we would place dental porcelain veneers to fix the chipping and fracturing.  Finally, we need to rule out the possibility of Jay Leno have obstructive sleep apnea with a sleep study.  This would give Jay Leno a natural, healthy, functional smile.  And Jay Leno can have all of this done here by your Jacksonville Cosmetic dentist at World Golf Village in St Augustine.

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